Webshop Fulfilment = Teamwork

Webshop e-fulfilmentBlack Box Logistics is specialized in e-commerce fulfillment for medium till large-sized webshops. Outsourcing your logistic activities comes to trust and when it comes to e-fulfilment, teamwork is crucial to ensure succes. We will do everything we can to execute your logistic services smoothly an reliable, so you can focus on your marketing and sales activities. Together we let your business grow.

Working for (international) webshops, companies and institutions, thousands of parcels daily find their way to consumers throughout Europe. 

Black Box Logistics offers a state-of-art interface and ensures that the connection with your system is taken care of fast, simply and correctly, no matter what platform the customer uses. If custom work is required, BBL offers a number of options:

  • Storage of goods including up-to-date (real-time) stock lists
  • Handling of web orders, including final inspection
  • Packaging the shipment, using the correct materials
  • Shipment (including track & trace)
  • Returns management and processing
  • Real-time insight into the status and processing of orders
  • Continuous quality monitor

We advise you proactively about developments in the logistic field of packaging and shipping. Special packages have been developed for, and in cooperation with various of  our clients so that products can be delivered to consumers with more special care and attention.


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