Logistics Services

Logistic Services

Black Box Logistics B.V. is a Full Logistic Service Provider wit a modern warehouse in Almere centrally located near Amsterdam along the A6 highway. This well-protected location, with a capacity of more than 15,000 pallets, is equipped with all essential and mechanized equipment that is needed to execute highly complex logistic services. We are partner to a number of national and international organizations.

We are able to connect your ERP software to our Warehouse Management System so that your orders can be handled and checked by fully-automated processes and sent on to the end-consumers with the smallest possible margin of error.

Logistic services we provide:

  • Goods intake including quality control (QC)
  • Storage of the goods in the most economical way
  • Order processing (Pick, Pack, Ship)
  • Transportation management

We inform you by means of real-time logistic reports which can be submitted at any desired level of detail.


BBL Black Box Logistics B.V.

Wittevrouwen 15A
1358 CD Almere
The Netherlands

Mail: customerservice@bbl-logistics.com

Tel. +31(0)36 53 93 890
Fax +31(0)36 53 37 132